Oct 27, 2008

Visual Seduction

Jacques Olivar is one of the greatest artists of contemporary fashion photography and his area of expertise are staggeringly beautiful women. His photographs are reminiscent of the golden times of Hollywood and take us into a world of beauty, glamour and mistery.

What makes Olivar's photos so characteristic and cinematic is the fact that his pictures are compressed into a single narration whose plot we have to put together in our own imagination.

Olivar masters the art of allusion, the visual seduction and tension building perfectly. Looking at his pictures, we can't help but ask ourselves if his female characters are representing lonely, urban women lusting for love.

Desire, drama and passion are predominant but simultaneously the theatrically staged models seem absent, lonely and even melancholic.

Mustang Romance



Skyway over Manhattan

Long way home

Autumn Promenade

Air Stream

The LUMAS gallery in Zurich shows photographs by Jacques Olivar in the exhibition "True Romance" from October 17 until November 20 2008.

LUMAS Zürich
Marktgasse 9
8001 Zurich/ Switzerland


Anabel said...

you are welcome! your blog is already in my blog-roll because i'm loving it!!

I didn't know this photograph but I must say he is awsome!

suis_aimée said...


(L) your blog! and the pics are very nice!!!


Raquelll said...

bonitas fotos!! enhorabuena!

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