Oct 18, 2008

The sun doesn't like me

The sun doesn't like me,
I always get burned,
Stay in the shade and watch the world turn.
Better find a new place to lay on the ground,
Can't stay where I am or I'm gonna be found.


... said...

Hi from Paris !
Thanks for your comment on Easy Fashion.
I am happy to know that you like my B&W pictures.
Styleseeking is now linked to Easy Fashion.
Keep on blogging !

Fred the Mole

Feel free to link me back if you want ...

... said...

I like your first pic of you

Fred the Mole

Vertiginoso said...

OOooooooh but maybe the sun does not love you because it is impressed by your ethereal porcelain skin !!!

A Bientôt, Antoine

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