Oct 9, 2008

Stylish students


Age: 22, communications student
Inspiration: travelling (recently she was in NYC and Ibiza and incorporated different impressions to her own style)
Fashion craving: Croco Hermès bag

We noticed Katharina immediately because her cute grey scarf caught our eye. She accessorized her grey cardigan with lots of jewellery like this unique cuff which we adore!


Age: 21, communications student
Style icon: Nicole Richie
Inspiration: magazines, mainly Instyle and Vogue
Fashion craving: Birkin bag from Hermès

Victoria was wearing a one of a kind light brown, loose fitting coat. We think that her nail polish, scarf and gold accessories add a nice touch to the overall outfit. Altogether she created a striking autumnal colour palette.


Age: 21, communications student
Style icon: no one in particular but she likes Cameron Diaz's style a lot
Inspiration: mostly from magazines like Vogue or Neon and also fashion blogs
Fashion craving: shopping in NYC

Ana was dressed very casually with a sweater over leggings. We particularly like her leather jacket and her olive green scarf with the detailing, which adds a touch of colour to the whole outfit.


Age: 19, Economics student
Style icon: Karl Lagerfeld
Inspiration: other people on the streets, runway shows etc.
Fashion craving: a suit from Giorgio Armani

Ahmetcan caught our attention with his men's bag. He carried his black holdall, which he bought at Globus, with a casual jeans-hoodie combo. According to askmen.com, the men's bag has become a necessary tool and fashion accessory. When done right like here, we totally agree with that.

More on men's bags: Askmen.com


Age: 21, Law student
Inspiration: Travelling (every piece from his outfit is from another country, which we found very impressive)
Fashion craving: nothing in particular as long as it's cheap...

How could you not notice him? We love his nerd glasses (meant in a very positive way... :) ). Taking a closer look, his mixed and matched accessories are real eye-catchers, especially his family ring.


Age: 22, communications student
Inspiration: Other people on the streets. She likes to observe how other people put together their outfits and adopts the trends she likes best.
Fashion craving: at least one pair of Manolo Blahniks ;)

Vanessa's black, blue and grey outfit was simply chic. We particularly loved her cute cropped jacket and matching black bangles.


Age: 21, communication student
Style icon: She likes Gwen Stefani's freaky style.
Inspiration: Magazines (mainly Instyle). Observing other people also inspires her to try out new things.
Fashion craving: Just like Vanessa, Leyla wants to call Manolo Blahnik shoes her own. Who knows, she might return with one pair after her trip to New York... Another dream item would be a gorgeous dress from John Galliano.

Leyla was wearing a leather jacket you don't see on many people. Her silver necklace with charms is very cute and we love the buttery-soft leather vintage bag she was carrying!

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