Oct 21, 2008

Sometimes the world IS kind to little things

Nicole Locher is a Swiss girl who opened her design atelier 2001 in Paris. She takes inspiration from found objects from flea markets in Paris and London and creates her unique style by combining elements of vintage and modern fashion into a single concept.
She has a collection of embroidered shirts that look rather conservative at a first glance, but taking a closer look you can see that there is a dirty message hidden. :)

In particular I love her accessories and want to share some of my favourites with you...

Little Butterfly: What better way than to keep your loved one close to your heart in this sweet locket? Looking at this beautiful necklace makes me miss MINE that much more...

Love à la Paris: That's just how french love is... A Paris lovers dream of a small detailed sterling silver Eiffel Tower with a french laced bow. And how adorable is that tiny blueberry tart with whipped cream? Mhhhmm, tasty... :)

Wish you were here: Another way to say "I love you". This is my favourite from the entire collection. I don't know why, there's something about postcards and letters that I love... The swallow with the tiny milky blue glass forget-me-not flower is cute, too.

Pics from Locher's website: http://www.lochers.com/

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Raquelll said...

Que bonito ese pastelito!!

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