Oct 24, 2008

Forever and a day

As we were waiting for the break to take some pictures of other students we had time to do a little photo shooting in front of the main entrance of our university.

Trenchcoat: Vero Moda
Cardigan: Zara
Shirt: Tally Weijl (yes, sometimes they carry decent stuff, too... :) )
Fringe Boots: Bershka
Bag: Friis & Company
Necklace: Claire's
Ring: from a road market in Turkey

My beloved Starbucks tumbler. Pink is not really my colour but I just couldn't resist... Those balloons remind me of the song "Love is in the air"... :)


Anabel said...

i looovee her purse!!!


I love the jeans!

xo/ fashion chalet

Natalie said...

your comment made me super happy! i'm happy you read my blog :)
Yeah I have the same situation, everyone around me knows I love fashion but I just haven't really known how to tell them yet. :/ soon enough though..hehe

la quirky fille, Natalie

corinne said...

i like her look!

Patrizia said...

I randomly came across this blog, I love it! Very inspiring!

And i fell in looooove with the Friis & Company purse!!
From the date of this entry I assume that it was bought in 2008? After I've spent almost an hour searching for it online; Do you by any chance know the name, serial number oder collection? I MUST have this purse!!

Cheers from the UK,

Styleseeking Zurich said...

Hi Patrizia

I think I bought this purse in 2007 in a shop in Switzerland that carries Friis & Company bags. I have no idea from which collection it is but your comment made me aware that I don't use it that much anymore. So if you're intrested in purchasing it from me, send me an email to styleseekingzurich@gmx.ch with an offer. :)


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