Oct 20, 2008

Erin Wasson for Vero Moda

Although Vero Moda had worked with many famous models like Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen and Helena Christensen before, I was surprised to see Erin Wasson as their new face. Maybe I just didn't expect her in these clothes as they are totally different from what we have seen her in lately. The pics above are from the casual and comfy, yet stylish winter 08/09 collection and the one below from the Christmas collection.

My favourite piece is the fringe dress from the Vero Moda Magazine cover. I think in the pics from the Christmas collection Erin looks a bit more like herself. Maybe it's just because of the colour black and the heavy chain necklaces... What do you think?

Pics from www.veromoda.com / www.vogue.de


lolitasunglasses said...

Yep I was surprised too considering we normally see Erin sporting a grungier look. I just picked up the new magazine and I love it, especially the 'Fade to Black' editorial!

simimoon said...

i know its so weird seeing her in victoria secret catalogs looking all proper!

Anabel said...

i like it!!
i didn't know vero moda, but now they are opening a new store in my city, and i'm so exciting!!! ;D


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