Oct 8, 2008

Coming soon...

Streetstyle blogs are widespread all over the world, featuring cities like New York, Paris and London, only to mention a few. Documenting the newest trends on the streets has become almost as important as fashion shows and most of us are more inspired by "normal" people they can relate to.

As we drew inspiration from those blogs, we kept thinking that it's time for Zurich to be featured more often! So we came up with the idea to start with the students at our university. Day after day we see lots of very stylish and unique people walking around the campus whose notable sense for putting things together we admire.

We might not be the best photographers with the best cameras, but we try our best to make an interesting "Streetstyle Zurich" addition to our blog.

So watch out for two girls crossing your way, be spontaneous and jump on the bandwagon. :) We're very excited and also a bit anxious about this as we don't know what to expect. Let's find out together...


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zwillingsherz said...

die zwei publizistikstudentinnen (victoria und katharina) habe ich schon oft gesehen. und es ist unglaublich welch schöne sachen sie haben. die schönsten taschen und tücher und wunderwunderschönen schmuck.

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