Oct 23, 2008

All I see are subtle shades of grey

There is no black, no white
no stark line drawn upon the ground.
No goodness, no evil, only hope.

I find no hate, no love, no perfect kiss
in my version of the world.
All I see is maybes, and the potential of tomorrow.

Life has no perfection-
but no flaws as well.
I dream of subtle shades of grey.

Coat: Yes or No
Beret: H&M
Knee high socks: Bershka


Anabel said...

great outfit!!

I love the hat! (i don't know the official name :P) i think I'm wearing mine tomorrow!! (eny)


Vertiginoso said...

And grey is far to be synonymous of austerity with You, but the stylish (and sparkling) expression of an exquisite subtlety !!!
ps: Actually the moderation of comments is activated on my blog but it is not still clarified .

A Bientôt, Antoine

Raquelll said...

I LOVE THIS DRESS it's so lovely...
great outfit and very stylish girl!

corinne said...

what a look - gorgeous!

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