Sep 20, 2008

Sky high

Tried them on at Zara and even though they were too expensive for synhetic shoes I seriously thought about buying them. If it wasn't the end of summer (or better said already almost winter here) I would have bought them.

The heel is very high but still comfortable because of the platform. I felt like a giant. :) Who cares?! Well, sometimes I do. But never mind.

Definitely crave worthy...


M. said...

uups, not to make you feel worse for not getting them but they are actually leather..Though a quite shiny witch can make them look a little fake. Had to take an extra look at mine to check;) Thank you for the comment on chicktopia :)

Styleseeking Zurich said...

oh really? that s so much better, then! How thoughtful of your bf to get them as a present for you! ;)

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